Open | adjective | willing to consider many different possibilities 

Open Urban Practice | noun | is a network of architects and civic entrepreneurs who work to animate and transform a place. OUP brings people together from many walks of life, builds common purpose, unlocks latent talents and works to seed enterprising, imaginative and system changing initiatives both inside and outside the mainstream. 

Why the world needs a new form of practice 

| rationale | There is no silver bullet - single initiatives cannot solve problems on their own. We live in an increasingly complex world - requiring not just deep technical expertise about the built environment but the ability to work across disciplines and diverse groups of people. From climate change to mental health, migration to youth unemployment, we have been facing a crisis of activation of existing resources: buildings, infrastructure, communities, talent… We need a new practice to unlock the awe-inspiring potential of everything we already have - welcome open urban practice, welcome sharing and learning from each other. 

Our tools | methodology | 1. Create knowledge. Pilot ideas, evaluate results, open source findings. Rehearse designs to create processes of inclusion and refinement for all stakeholders. 2. Build communities. We will not do it alone. Use programming, rehearsals, serious games and scenario building as tools to bring everyone into shared narratives. Do not be shy to throw a party if that’s what it takes to build a team. 3. Use simple words. Communicate with care to be understood. Build physical models. Use technology to its full potential to speak to the many involved for successful execution of projects. 4. Build public spaces. It is where it all comes together.